How to Start an Online Home Business

Would you like to make enough to quit the 9-5 from an online home business? But how do you get started?

Don’t feel bad, that is where I was years ago but have since learned what is important and what isn’t…but only after buying $1,000’s of ebooks, software, members only subscriptions etc, etc… and being chained to the computer for 10-14 hours every day, including Sundays, and tearing my hair out and losing my health…ensure to get up and walk around each and every hour.

There is a much better way!

Let me explain.

Following the critical step of learning how to turn on a computer, yes I learned on a mac, then eventually had to re-learn a PC, I delved into to trying trying to figure out what kind of website to design and subsequently.

We all went awry back then Internet Marketing was the prime focus for a market to attack. But please don’t do it You’ll find yourself swallowed up by 1,000’s of whales… as in very large animals that are called ‘guru’s or marketing experts. You will find a heap of competition in Internet Marketing and your life will be one of heavy frustration in trying to best these guru’s. They have the money, savvy and extra help to make superior products and know how to promote them. In addition they conspired with each other in a joint venture, which isn’t necessarily a evil thing but many times it is. Aren’t you tired of seeing the same email ad from 30 different marketers?

My suggestion is to research an easy to work with program to design a web site. There are free one’s and with a little effort you will be on your way to creating simple but effective web sites. In fact, you don’t have to start with a web site, you can just start with a blog. Use the cpanel of your domain and Fantastica to start with WordPress blogs. Google loves blogs and indexes them faster than a web site.

Finally, ensure you select a niche market that has some monthly searches and has under 100,000 results. You can do this manually or use other tools that might cost a bit. I have a list of these tools on the page below.

Whatever you do, ensure you stay focused and don’t get distracted or some other b.s. If I had to start over again I would concentrate on one thing…Focus! I believe that is the downfall of a most online marketers, they go from one thing to another, thinking that they must have this new program, software or membership program. Stick with one project until it’s either a success or flop.

Spend a few bucks and most importantly get to work.

Lastly, ensure you aren’t spending the grocery money, and if not, this work at home will be very exciting. Believe me, you won’t regret it!